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All Safety Tips

Walk on Designated Paths

Whether around the light rail or buses, make sure to walk on designated pedestrian walkways.


Before you get in an Uber or Lyft, ask "What's my name?" to confirm it's the right vehicle.

Stay in the car

If you are stranded, it is safest to stay in your car.

Road safety

Avoid traveling on ice-covered roads, overpasses, and bridges if at all possible.

Wear a Helmet

When biking or riding a scooter, wear a helmet.

Use Headlights

When biking at night, use headlights and reflectors. They are required by Minnesota law.

Bike with the Traffic

Ride your bike with the traffic, in the bike lane. And in designated areas, dismount and walk.

See the Cars

Drivers are required to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk, but stay alert for cars on campus.

Give the Bus 10 Feet

Cross at least 10 feet in front of a bus, so the driver can see you.

Hear the Train

The light rail is quiet. Listen for bells and horns that signal an oncoming train.

Use the Chauffeur

For a safe ride home, use Gopher Chauffeur, 612-388-6911. It's free.

See Blue Spots

Look for the Blue (emergency) phones along your route.