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All Safety Tips

Look for a guide

Dinkytown Safety Guides—identified by Safety Guide shirts and baseball caps—can answer questions or help you find your way.

Money wiring scam

UMPD will never instruct people to wire money to clear a warrant. If you get one of these phone calls, hang up, it is a scam.

Hide Your Valuables

Keep your laptop, purse, wallet, briefcase, etc., attended or out of sight.

Activate Your Phone

Be sure your phone's location services is activated, so police can attempt to recover it if stolen.

Walk Aware

If walking alone, avoid distractions—phones, ear buds, etc.

Walk Safe

Walk in groups and choose well lit routes.

Lock the Door

Lock your living and work areas every time you leave.

Keep Doors Closed

Do not prop open entrances to buildings.

See the Blue

Note blue emergency phones across campus, which connect you with the UMPD at the touch of a button.

Enter Alone

Don’t let strangers ‘tailgate’ behind you into your building.

Write It Down

Write down your bike’s serial number for matching in case of theft.

Keep Your Bike Lit

Park your bike in a well-traveled, well-lit area.