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Fall 2020

Welcome to fall semester 2020 at the University of Minnesota!

Our fall plans reflect our commitment throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to prioritize the health and safety of all University students, faculty, and staff. We coordinate continuously with our public health and medical professionals—at a state level and within our own University community. Most importantly, we are working to implement processes that will reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The Maroon and Gold Sunrise Plan is primarily for residence hall undergraduate students living on the Duluth, Rochester, and Twin Cities campuses. Other undergraduates will find guidance in the plan as well. Graduate and professional students are not affected by this plan and should continue their studies and schedule as previously determined for Fall 2020. Each campus is implementing local processes based on the guidance of this plan. 

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities is currently in “Step Three” of the Maroon and Gold Sunrise

Step 1

Step One

Students will live and learn almost exclusively within residence halls for at least 10 days. Students should not visit other residence halls, businesses or residences off-campus. The time to be back in residence halls is 9 p.m.

Step 2

Step Two

Students in University housing will have increased access, including visiting all on-campus locations and the surrounding community. However, students must be “back home” in their residence hall by 9 p.m.

Step 3

Step Three

Students in University housing will have full access to University facilities and communities off campus as they do in Step Two, but they must be “back home” in their residence hall by midnight.

Step 4

Step Four

As in the other steps, students are asked to wear masks, maintain physical distancing, and avoid large gatherings as they continue to have full access to on- and off-campus locations. Different from Step Three, there are no “back home” time constraints.

Review the Maroon and Gold Sunrise Plan and its FAQ

The Twin Cities Winter Break Guide provides tips on safety precautions during the holiday season as well as building access information. 

Have a question we didn't answer on this site? Email the University of Minnesota at [email protected].  

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