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Safety Tips

Walk on Designated Paths

Whether around the light rail or buses, make sure to walk on designated pedestrian walkways.

This App Has Your Back

With the Rave Guardian App, students and staff can arrange "virtual walking buddies" on and near campus. Download the app.

Look for a guide

Dinkytown Safety Guides—identified by Safety Guide shirts and baseball caps—can answer questions or help you find your way.

Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Wear a face covering.

Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Get vaccinated to protect yourself and others.

Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Properly wash your hands and clean work areas.

Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Stay home if you feel sick.


Before you get in an Uber or Lyft, ask "What's my name?" to confirm it's the right vehicle.

Shivering matters

Do not ignore shivering. It’s an important first sign that the body is losing heat. Persistent shivering is a signal to return indoors.

Stay dry

Wet clothing chills the body rapidly.


Wear several loose fitting layers that hold body heat and don’t absorb moisture.

Cold Weather Gear

Wear a hat, scarf, mittens, water resistant coat and boots.