• Turn Around

    Don’t walk or drive through moving water.

  • Tornado Safety

    Shelter in place until a tornado warning expires and you’re given the all clear.

  • Community Support

    Talk with other tenants to understand the safety of the building or area and advocate for change.

  • Stash it Away

    Keep personal property like bikes or wallets out of sight to prevent theft.

  • Keep a Safe Space

    Report broken or missing safety features to landlords or property managers immediately.

  • Leave a Light On

    Turn on a porch light at night to illuminate sidewalks.

  • See Something, Say Something

    If you see violence or feel a danger to your or anyone’s safety, call 911 for police.

  • Call 911 in Emergency

    When calling 911, be clear and concise when reporting the problem and answering the operator’s questions.

  • Prevent Auto Theft

    Immediately lock your doors and keep your windows rolled up until you depart. 

  • Limit Opportunity

    Never leave your car running unattended, or leave key fobs in your car.