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Emergency Notifications

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities has a detailed communications plan for any on-campus emergency—fire, bomb threat, severe weather, major crime, riot, or accident. In all events, we strive to communicate quickly and accurately with the University community, the media, and the public to keep our campus safe.

SAFE-U Notifications

Rapid notifications in emergency situations will be sent to faculty, staff, and students via the following channels: text, phone, and email, depending on individual preferences. All contact methods may be updated or changed with the exception of the email address, which is required. Situation updates will be posted on the Public Safety “Safety Notifications” webpage. In certain circumstances, information may also be posted on All users are encouraged to specify their contact preferences and update their contact information in MyU.

  • Safe-U Emergency These emergency notifications will be sent to the Twin Cities community when an emergency situation poses an immediate threat or imminent danger, and requires immediate action on the part of the community. These notifications will always be sent via email, and depending on user preferences could also include text and phone notifications. 

  • Safe-U Advisory This will be sent for other risks or situations when there is no imminent threat or danger, but the campus community should be made aware of the situation. These advisories will be sent via email.

  • Website notifications All emergency, advisory, and incident updates will be posted on the Department of Public Safety “Safety Notifications” webpage.

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