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Emergency Notifications

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities has a detailed communications plan for any on-campus emergency—fire, bomb threat, severe weather, major crime, riot, or accident. In all events, we strive to communicate quickly and accurately with the University community, the media, and the public to keep our campus safe.

SAFE-U Alerts

SAFE-U, the U of M’s mass notification system, enables us in emergencies to communicate with our students, staff, faculty, and visitors through voice, text, and email. All students, staff, and faculty are automatically opted into SAFE-U (unless they’ve specifically requested to be removed).

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Timely Warnings
We issue Timely Warnings to our community for crimes on or near campus. Each Timely Warning informs everyone of a threat or ongoing risk, and enables them to take action to be safe.

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Read the Clery Act Notice


Predatory/Sexual Offenders
The UMPD advises our campus on the release or residence of any level 3 predatory/sexual offenders attending classes or employed at UMTC.

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