Workplace, Lab, and Building Safety

The reach of the University extends beyond physical spaces. Enhancing the various operations on campus and online offers our community comprehensive information to support and sustain a safe and healthy campus environment.

Office chair

Technology and the Workplace

Internet safety

Do you protect your tech presence like you do your physical device? Get tips and how-tos to safely traverse the internet.

Safe Work Practices

Ergonomics and the U

There’s a science behind the methods in which you work. Learn to equip your body and workspace with tools to reduce chances of injury and increase productivity.

Workplace safety

Injuries are never “part of the job.” Understand the policies, training, and precautions available to keep our workplaces safe.

Building maintenance

The condition of our campus buildings support a safe work environment. Stay on top of service requests and indoor air quality procedures.

Safety committees 

Interacting with committees and organizations are a great way to learn more about the operations and best practices of your department. We always work better together.

Access on Campus

Building access

We work to balance ensuring necessary access to members of the University community and keeping our buildings available to the public with security practices that promote the safest possible environment.

Emergency Plans and Procedures

Building Emergency Plans

Each building on campus has a plan which outlines emergency instructions and evacuation procedures. Many are accessible on department websites or upon request to your department head or unit leader.


The University of Minnesota Twin Cities has over 300 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) across campus. Find out where they’re located (along with Stop the Bleed kits) and how to use them to be prepared in an emergency. The U also offers CPR and First Aid training for comprehensive bystander response.

Navigating Laboratories

Lab procedures 

Gain confidence in what to do across our lab and research facilities to promote safer lab practices.

Safety training

The safety of our labs and research facilities takes a commitment to education and awareness toward personal collective safety. Make sure to take all required trainings and reach out to your supervisor to confirm. 


  • Report theft immediately

    If your mobile device is stolen, contact the UMPD at 612-624-COPS or stop by the department.

  • Activate your phone

    Be sure your phone’s location services are activated, so police can attempt to recover if stolen.

  • Cover All Bases

    Photograph the serial numbers of your devices, located in the settings, to aid in recovery efforts if stolen.