• Keep Warm

    Stay indoors during extremely cold weather. Make trips outside as brief as possible.

  • Road Safety

    Avoid traveling on ice-covered roads, overpasses, and bridges if at all possible.

  • Cold Weather Gear

    Wear a hat, scarf, mittens, water resistant coat and boots.

  • Layer-up

    Wear several loose fitting layers that hold body heat and don’t absorb moisture.

  • Shivering Matters

    Do not ignore shivering. It’s an important first sign that the body is losing heat. Persistent shivering is a signal to return indoors.

  • Seek Shelter

    Lightning can strike the same place twice. During a thunderstorm, immediately seek shelter in a building or car.

  • Curb overheating

    Drink plenty of water and limit sun exposure during a hot day. Heat stroke can happen quickly. 

  • Weather Warning

    Seek shelter or evacuate. A weather event is occurring or indicated by weather radar. 

  • Weather Advisory

    Conditions are minimal, but keep an eye on any changes.

  • Weather Watch

    Stay alert. Conditions are favorable for a weather event.