University Clery Compliance

The Clery Act is a federal law requiring colleges & universities to collect campus crime data and share that information with the public.

The University Clery Compliance Office is responsible for ensuring the University of Minnesota is in compliance with this important law by ensuring the complete and accurate collection of crime data and the distribution of this information to the public.

Clery Act Requirements

  1. Collect, classify, and count crime reports and statistics.
  2. Share a public annual security report with campus crime statistics for the past three years for current and prospective students, faculty, and staff. 
  3. Issue timely warnings to students, faculty, and staff for crimes covered by the Clery Act, along with emergency notifications that pose a significant danger to the health and safety of the campus community. 
  4. Maintain a daily crime log of all crimes reported to the University of Minnesota Police Department, occurring within the campus Clery Geography.
  5. Maintain a fire log and fire safety report for on-campus residential facilities.
  6. Provide options, rights, and resources to victims of crime, along with ongoing prevention and awareness programs on Clery-covered crimes.