March Safe Campus Update

March 14, 2024

☝️First things first

Safety isn’t just about locking your doors or looking both ways before crossing the street. It’s the secret sauce to thriving, not just surviving. When you feel safe and secure, you’re free to chase what really lights you up, like personal growth or making those community connections sparkle. Below is a treasure trove of tips and tricks that’ll keep you safe, sound, and ready to conquer your world. 

🥦Chew on this 

Did you know that the gut is the second brain? Fueling our bodies with healthy foods is important for keeping our energy sky-high, our minds crystal clear, and our vibes positively glowing.

Eating well made easy. Looking to up your nutrition game? You’ve got options! Registered dietitians at Boynton Health can help take your plate from drab to fab, while offering guidance for the kinds of foods that your unique body needs and tastes good. 

Facing an empty fridge? You're not alone. Visit the Nutritious U Food Pantry and explore Twin Cities food resources. They're your backstage pass to fulfill your most important needs.

💲No funny money: Dodge digital dangers  

From the cold of December to the bloom of April (aka tax season), the internet is a wild jungle of scammers and fraudsters on the hunt. Whether you're an overachiever who’s already filed your taxes (gold star for you!) or love the thrill of waiting until the last minute (no judgment, we've all been there), it's time to sharpen your scam-spotting skills.

Keep your eyes peeled for phishy stuff. The digital defense wizards at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have some helpful advice:

  • Block, block, block: Those unknown calls and texts? Yeah, scammers love to play dress-up with fake names or numbers. 
  • Lock it down: Legit organizations won’t hit you up with texts or phone calls asking for your personal info. Better to keep that under lock and key.
  • Chill don't spill: Feeling pressured to make a snap decision? Pause and breathe. Any place worth its salt will let you take a beat to think it over.
  • Payment red flags: If someone's pushing you to pay with a specific app, in crypto, or with gift cards, it's a mega red flag. That's scammer speak for "I'm trying to pull a fast one."


Think you've been scammed? The National Cybersecurity Alliance has info on who to contact if you think you’ve been scammed.

🍀Safety roundup: Don’t test your luck 

This weekend the world turns into fifty shades of green. If you plan to toast to the leprechauns, make smart and safe decisions for you and those around you.

  • Stick to the status quo: Follow Minnesota law, abide by the student code of conduct, and honor University policies on alcohol use. Whether you’re searching for a pot of gold on campus or painting the town green, remember: breaking the rules can lead to University discipline, no matter where the shenanigans take you.
  • Keep watch: Never accept a drink from someone you don’t know; and if your drink takes a mysterious journey when you’re not looking, or suddenly appears as if touched by magic, play it safe and ditch it for a new one.
  • Make the call: Should you or your crew find yourselves in trouble, and under 21, remember: Medical Amnesty has your back. Calling 911 won't land you in hot water; it’s the responsible move.
  • Ride smart: Never, under any shamrock or spell, drink and drive. Designate a sober driver, call Gopher Chauffeur, or summon a rideshare. Bonus: Use your Universal Metro Transit pass for a free bus or train ride.


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