Safe plays this March Madness tournament

March 26, 2024

The NCAA Division I basketball tournaments, a.k.a March Madness, are in full swing. College students and sports fans alike are taking part in watch parties until winners are crowned. If you’re one of them, read through these tips to avoid committing some party fouls.  

3-point party prep

In your hosting era? While scanning Pinterest for party food and DYI basketball decor, also add these things to your party planning.

  • Friends don’t let friends eat expired food. Did you know that food shouldn’t sit out for more than two hours at room temperature? After that nasty bacteria that can make you stick can start to grow. Safe that science experiment for your chem lab, sorry charcuterie.
    • P.S. If you’re hosting a University sponsored event, don’t forget you need a permit to serve food.
  • Get sober curious. Let the thrill of the game keep the party going and opt for non-alcoholic beverages or mocktails. If alcohol is present make sure you and your friends have a sober driver.
  • Be a good neighbor. Whether in a residence hall or a place off campus, be a good neighbor and give a heads up to those next door before throwing a party, respect quiet hours, and notify your guests about the correct places to park!
  • Respect the outcome. Whether your team wins or loses be cool. Any destruction of property or discriminatory language will not be tolerated.


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