Your Valentine's Day Safety Checklist

February 13, 2024

From the DMs to reality, have the best time on your first date in the safest way possible with these six tips.

Have you vetted your date? Check if they have social media profiles, and if you so desire, reverse Google search pictures they’ve shared with you. Bots and catfishes exist, sadly. 

Is your outing in a public place? Avoid putting yourself in a compromising situation–think safety in numbers. Bustling locations can also take the stress off creating constant conversation. Don’t forget your reservation! 

Have you let a trusted person know where you’ll be? Send a quick text with your date location(s), how long you intend to be there, and who you’ll be with before you leave the house. Safety measure—check.

Have you made your boundaries clear? First date ever or three years in, setting clear expectations will make your time together more enjoyable. If your date isn’t receptive to your asks, they’re not the person for you.

Do you have a ride home? There’s nothing wrong with riding to and from your Valentine’s Day plans with your date. But if you’re uncomfortable sharing your home address, rideshare and public transit are here for you. 

If you’re under the influence or traveling at night, don’t drive and don’t walk alone.

If you plan to have sex, do you have the proper protection? We’re adults here, yeah? Stay ready with safer sex supplies and clear acknowledgment of possible outcomes, like STIs and pregnancy.   


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