Commencement Safety

May 8, 2023

Commencement volunteers and Dinkytown Safety Guides will be available around Huntington Bank Stadium, campus, and neighboring locations to offer assistance to guests.

In addition, the University is working closely with MPD on strategies to proactively address public safety concerns in the Dinkytown area ahead of commencement this weekend. UMPD will continue to maximize overtime resources to ensure a full team of officers and other public safety personnel to support on-campus safety, as well as to join MPD in Dinkytown and surrounding areas, along with the State Patrol and Metro Transit. Our Department of Public Safety has also placed mobile cameras and light trailers in the Dinkytown area to help monitor activity.

Students, faculty, staff, and anyone who is interested is encouraged to sign up for Dinkytown Alerts — notifications sent by UMPD when it receives verified information from the MPD about an active situation in that area of Minneapolis. This service is in addition to SAFE-U Alerts, which all students, faculty and staff receive.

Useful resources

As you celebrate, be aware of your surroundings, walk in pairs or groups when possible, and report any suspicious activity to 911. Also, take advantage of these safety resources.

  • GopherTrip to track campus buses and shuttles across campus.
  • Campus Maps for building and parking lot locations and safe navigation across campus.
  • 624-WALK for an escorted walk to your next destination by University Security.
  • Rave Guardian App as a virtual walking partner and immediate 911 connection if you don’t arrive at your destination. 
  • Dinkytown Alerts to stay informed on emergencies in the limited off-campus area of Dinkytown.
  • Department of Public Safety for information regarding UMPD, PSECC, and other safety services.
  • Safe Campus for safety tips, news, and initiatives pertaining to U of M Twin Cities.

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