January Safe Campus Update

January 18, 2024

First thingzZz first ☝️

New Year, New You, New Semester! It's all about protecting your peace and embracing a growth mindset. Step into RecWell for a fitness boost, hit up Student Counseling Services to fill your metaphorical cup, and snag your spot in these cozy study nooks on campus. 

Dodge the sick days 🤒

The scoop: The CDC says flu, RSV, and COVID are invading 2024. Your mission: Stay healthy.

How? Simple tactics:

  • HandwashingYour superpower. Regularly scrub those hands with soap and water. It's like a force field against germs.
  • Coughs and sneezesBlock 'em. Your elbow is your best friend. Use it to protect others from rogue germs.
  • Feeling meh? Doctor’s calling. Don’t let your illness fester. Visit Boynton Health for quick treatment and vaccinations to get back to what you love. 
    • With the rise of these icky bugs, Boynton and other clinics require you to resurrect your favorite surgical or KN95 mask when you visit. If you bid farewell to all of your masks, no worries, the clinics have an extra stash. 

So what? Catching these bugs means more than feeling crummy. It's about missing out—no classes, no fun, no thank you.

2024 mantra: Ready for anything! 🌟

Driving the news: Safety first—not just a cliché, it’s a lived value at the U. Sure, thinking about emergencies is no party, but hey, better safe than sorry.

Between the lines: Without an emergency plan, a small hiccup can quickly become big-time trouble. Being prepared isn't just about dodging disasters; it's about building confidence and fostering a tight-knit community.

Start simple, start now:

  • Emergency contact: No Ghosts Allowed! Seriously, check MyU under "My Info." If there's a blank space where an emergency contact should be, it's time for an update. 
  • Buddy up at night: Walking alone? Nope. Plan with friends or dial 624-WALK. Safety in numbers, folks.
  • Learn to defend yourself: Those self-defense classes aren’t just for kicks—they're life skills.
  • CPR trainingBecause being someone's hero is always in style.
  • Emergency fund: Start one. Future You will thank you.

Safety roundup: In our information era 🧠

Whether you’re new to the U or just getting back into routine, here’s your campus safety cheat sheet. 


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  • Quick tip: Review how SAFE-U Alerts, the University’s emergency notification system, work, and update your notification preferences.

🖐️Safety at your fingertips


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