Staying Warm This Winter

January 19, 2024

The cold front moving across the Midwest brings snow and single-digit temperatures to Minnesota. Take the right precautions with these tips to prepare you for winter weather. 

Knowledge is power

Your outdoor checklist

  • Wear multiple layers of clothing that cover exposed skin, especially on your hands and feet. 
  • Make sure to “walk like a penguin” on icy pavement. 
    • Point toes out, slightly bend knees, use arms for balance, and take short, flat-footed steps.
  • Use the Gopher Way to have a warmer walk across campus. Remember your U Card!

Cozy up indoors

  • Limit the risk of electrical fires by plugging electric heaters directly into wall sockets.
  • Keep your heat on (at least 65 degrees) to stay warm and keep your pipes from freezing.
  • Make your home a warm fortress with door snakes, thick window curtains, and blankets.

Lend a helping hand

  • Check on your neighbors and tell them you’re around if extreme cold knocks out your power.
  • Declutter your closets and bring pre-loved warm winter gear to local donation centers.
  • Share resources to guide those experiencing hunger or houslessness to warmth and assistance.


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